San Diego Criminal Lawyer on Domestic Violence Offenses

As a San Diego Criminal Lawyer based in North County I am often hired to represent individuals facing serious domestic violence charges. Cases like misdemeanor domestic battery or more serious felony corporal injury to spouse are increasing in frequency every year.

The upcoming holiday season brings not only more occasion to visit with family and relatives, but unfortunately an increase in domestic violence incidents. I too often meet with individuals from Del Mar and Carmel Valley who sought the assistance of law enforcement only to find themselves or a loved one in custody and off to jail.

Domestic violence cases are treated different from other criminal cases in the San Diego courts. While you may feel that your arrest was unnecessary, even if your spouse or significant other demands that you not be taken into custody, these are not simple matters to resolve. If the local police do not issue a protective order immediately upon arrest; there may be a criminal protective order in place on the day of your arraignment. Charges like CA PC 243(e)(1), domestic battery, and PC 273.5, felony corporal injury, will always require the prosecutor to request a criminal protective order. These orders do not simply restrict you from contact the victim in the case. Military personnel or anyone working with firearms will be restricted from even touching a gun or ammunition until the order is lifted. Domestic battery and felony domestic violence cases are often charged with child endangerment. CA PC 273a(b) is a law referring to the endangerment of a child’s health or cruelty. If someone was arrested for an incident where a child was present the prosecutor will charge child endangerment charges.

As a criminal lawyer practicing in the 92130 zip code of North County San Diego I have counseled many individuals charged with domestic violence. If you are facing a serious case or need to deal with the consequences of a conviction contact Attorney George Gedulin. I weekly meet with defendant’s throughout San Diego including the Del Mar 92014 area where domestic violence incidents are promptly and vigorously responded by local police and sheriff. Do not fall victim to misinformation or pressure from the prosecution.

Defendant’s with security clearance requirements for their work, no matter how long they have been in good standing could lose such clearances if they take the wrong plea deal. Presenting a strong and well planned defense is often the only way to preserve your rights and clear the way for a reasonable outcome that will not destroy a career you have spent a lifetime building.