Work Furlough

For many defendant’s the most important considerations include not only avoiding county jail incarceration but also maintaining a proximity and ongoing contact with their family members to lessen the impact of a conviction. The experience and committed approach of the criminal defense team of Gedulin and Greany will explore every possible alternative to custody, county jail and state prison.

Continued overcrowding in California’s state and local detention centers have put more pressure than ever on prosecutors and judges to consider and grant alternative sentencing programs like work furlough, alternative work programs, home detention and others.  Serving local time in the sheriff’s custody, especially for those with a minor criminal history, is not the only option. In San Diego programs such as the sheriff’s work alternative program (SWAP), work furlough

Programs like these allow for individuals convicted of an offense to maintain employment while serving a custody commitment.

Participation in the work furlough programs allow for individuals to continue other court ordered classes such as SB38, Drug Counseling and anger management, and other court ordered counseling such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Friends and family of those participating in the work furlough program are also able to visit the facility on weekends. 

An experienced San Diego Criminal Defense attorney can help guide you through the process and set up a favorable plea bargain with the prosecution to avoid prolonged custody, maintaining a professional life while still serving out the requirements of a sentence.

Persons who apply for work furlough must be accepted into the program by the work furlough administrator. Among the factors that such facilities consider in accepting individuals for work furlough are:

-Whether the individual is gainfully employed. Work furlough programs in San Diego County often require that a person have a job working at least 35 hours per week, the job not be related to the offense the person is charged with, the job does not involve the use of weapons or firearms

-Prior Criminal History: Several types of past crimes that may exclude a person from participating in work furlough includes: history of assaultive or violent behavior, history of use of a weapon, sale or transportation of large amounts of drugs or narcotics in the instant offense of in the past, history of mental illness and some sex offenses

Under the work furlough program the Sheriff may release an inmates for up to 72 hours for medical/dental/psychiatric care, family emergencies and other reasons that the administrator of the work furlough program believes are justified.

Juveniles who are facing conviction on a variety of charges can also make use of the work furlough, alternative sentencing guidelines to serve their obligations to the state while continuing to attend school through these programs.

Individuals who do not have gainful employment may still be eligible to participate in the work furlough through a local job training program.